terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2012

PEE - Carmen's Theme

The album which started it all. P.E.E. (formerly Pee and occasionally Miracle Research Center Staff) were an unbelievable San Francisco quartet who took a few cues from Heavy Vegetable and ran and ran and ran. 1997's The Roaring Mechanism, the first Absolutely Kosher Record, was huge leap outside the lines drawn on their 1995 debut Now More Charm and More Tender (March). They traded in some of the instant infectiousness for a record that just gets better as time goes on. Skewed pop, math pop, grind pop, call it what you will, they should have been famous. Led by guitarists/vocalists Jim Stanley (whose guitar work here is not to be believed) and Kelly Green (whose vocal harmonies together rivaled HV's) with Tiber Scheer (lowercase) on bass and the inimitable Andee Connors (A Minor Forest) on drums. Includes "I Can't Wait Til I Get Rickets," "Carmen's Theme" and "Ed Is 50." (AK001)

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