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Los Amparito - 4500 millones de años de soledad

Young Prisms - Four Hours (Away)

Cocteau Twins? New Order? No the name of this band is Young Prisms!

Marco Parente - Il mare si è fermato

Rolling Stones- Ventilator Blues

Blueneck - Lilitu

Matt Elliott - Desamparado

Sufjan Stevens - You Are The Blood

Denison Witmer - Little Flowers

Tones On Tail - Lions

The Charlatans - Weirdo

Ash ra tempel - day dream

Faust - Krautrock

Ratatat - Swisha

Evan Mast and Mike Stroud first met as students at Skidmore College, but they did not work together until 2001, when they recorded several songs under the name "Cherry". Their 2004 debut, Ratatat, was written and recorded in Stroud's Crown Heights,Brooklyn apartment on his PowerBook.[1] The album is entirely instrumental with the exception of vocal excerpts at the beginning and end of selected tracks. The group debuted by releasing the single Seventeen Years on Mast's and his brother E*Rock's record label Audio Dregs in the US and Rex Records in the UK. They then signed forXL Recordings, releasing their debut album and the single Germany to Germany. Ratatat occasionally remixes others for collected release on Ratatat Remixes Vol. 1(which garnered the attention of Rolling Stone), as well as the later second volume, both of which were self-released in co-operation with Audio Dregs.
Both musicians have had experience with other projects, such as Mast's E*vax andKing Pang and Stroud's stage work with Dashboard Confessional.[2] Stroud has also recorded with Ben Kweller on On My Way. Ratatat has toured with bands such asBjörkDaft PunkMouse on MarsInterpolFranz FerdinandCSSThe FaintSuper Furry AnimalsClinic, Panther and The Killers. In 2010 they supported Vampire Weekend on their UK Tour.
On October 6, 2006 Ratatat became the first band to perform a public show inside the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.
On October 10, 2006 a new demo album from Ratatat titled 9 Beats was leaked online. This set of tracks does not appear on any official discography listings. The "9 Beats" album wasn't an official album, the tracks consist of short instrumental electronic musical pieces and demos for their next mixtape.[3] This release was followed by another remix album, Ratatat Remixes Vol 2..
It has been rumored that they will be signed by Star Trak as the understudies of the Neptunes.[4][5]
Mast has most recently collaborated with former Shudder to Think vocalist Craig Wedren on a record for a Tokyo independent label, Mold Recordings and said to be finishing a follow up solo album for Audio Dregs.
From June 2007 until October 2008, Ratatat had Martin Bonventre accompany them on their European tour and Fall shows in America as the pianist/synthesizer player. Bonventre drew much attention due to his erratic dance movements on stage. The reason for him leaving the performance is unknown.
Ratatat's live performances bear strong similarities to the performances of the psychedelic rock bands out of San Francisco in the 60s, with energetic light shows, swirling colors projected onto a screen, and random clips of movies thrown in. Member Evan Mast creates and edits the videos that are projected on the screen. Many of them are included on their YouTube account. The front page of their official website has a list of tour locations and dates. Cameras are usually not allowed when attending one of their concerts.
The official site has been updated showing the videos of the three first singles of their third album LP3, which was released on July 8, 2008. ShillerShempi then Mirando have all been released (or announced) on 7" or 12" singles, Shiller being first released with a special b-side Mahalo.[6]
Ratatat contributed two songs to Man on the Moon: The End of Day, the debut album by Kid Cudi, released September 15, 2009. They performed together on Late Show with David Letterman on September 11, 2009. The two songs are produced in the similar electronic style Ratatat is known for; titled Alive and Pursuit Of Happiness featuring MGMT.
According to Mike Stroud in an interview conducted by Julia Askenase of Paste Magazine released on August 4, 2009, "most of [LP4] was recorded during the same studio sessions that yielded LP3".[7] Ratatat's fourth album LP4 was released on June 8, 2010 via XL.
Ratatat have supported Vampire Weekend at The Brighton Centre and Alexandra Palace. In 2010 their song Neckbrace was used in the ski film "The Way I See It" by Matchstick Productions.[8] Their track Mirando was used in Prada's SS2011 ad campaign.[9]
In August 2011, Ratatat was featured in the song "Red Alert" on CSS's new album La Liberación.

philip glass - the hours

domingo, 11 de março de 2012

the sugarcubes - cowboy

Cowboy, cowboy, in the big town

I'm a cowboy in the big town
I'm looking for my pony
A mans best friend is his pony
I'm a cowboy
Aaah, cowboy!

I need my pony
I lost my pony
In the big town
I'm a cowboy in the big city
Looking for my pony
I'm a cowboy X3

I'm not alone
Not lonely
Not alone
Not lonely
I'm a cowboy
I'm stuck like
A cowboy
In the big city

And he affects me
The odour of his skin, oh
It works in my head
I wanna eat him
I wanna be in him

I'm a cowboy
Smelt like I sat in
In a tine-mine
Nose is struck
In the back
My back is struck
But who knows I am
I am a

On the second floor
On a brass bed
In a big city
I found my pony
But I paid a prize
I got a silver-bullet
Through my heart
I'm a were-cowboy
I am a were-cowboy
A weeere

A were-cowboy
I am a were-cowboy

Muse - Showbiz

Blonde Redhead - Elephant Woman

Communards - Lover man

sábado, 10 de março de 2012

Talking Heads - Who is it

Who is it who
Who is it who
Who is it who
Who is it
What is it
What is it
What is it
What is it
Oh.....Baby it's you!

Who is it who
Who is it who
Who is it who
Who is it
What is it
What is it
What is it
What is it
Oh...Oh baby it's you!

Watch out now baby 'cause I'm in love with you
Watch out now baby 'cause I'm in love with you
And if you don't love me I don't know what I'm going to do!

Who, who, who is it
Who, who, who is it
Who, who, who is it
Who, who, who is it
Who, who, who is it
Who, who, who is it
Who, who, who is it
What is it
What is it
What is it
What is it
Oh....Baby it's you!

Devendra Banhart - Samba Vexillographica

sábado, 3 de março de 2012

KRAFTWERK - Les Mannequins

Bauhaus - Who Killed Mr. Moonlight

john cale - taking your life in your hands

The children are all leaving school today
Mama said, don’t worry, I’ll be back one day
The blue men in uniform smiled and waved goodbye
She was hiding those tears in her eyes

Roll up the history books, burn the chairs
Set fire to anything, set fire to the air
They’re hiding [riding? ] to begin and running at the end
’cause mama said, you take your life in your hands

Taking your life, your life in your hands
But don’t take your life in your hands like I did
I don’t feel so bad, and always look forward with hope
Forward and hope that the children will always be there

Cancel the day, cancel the night
Cancel the day, cancel the night
’cause who could be watching when she steals and runs away
Full of hysterical laughter, and say

Mama, mama
I’ve left school today
I hope I get to see you in that funny school far away
But those gentlemen in blue, and those in grey
Say I’ll never, never see mama again

’cause she took those lives in her hands
Yes, she took all those lives in her hands
Yes, she took all those lives in her hands
But let me wonder, what was there left in those hands?

Nitin Sawhney - Shadowland (Featuring Ojos De Brujo)-

Será possível fundir música indiana, com guitarra cigana sobre a batuta pop britanica? Nitin Sawhney diz que sim!

La Düsseldorf - Blue

Cocteau Twins -- Blue Bell Knoll


Colin Newman - Not me

Tor / Sufjan Stevens - The Dress Looks Nice On You / Make You Feel That Way (f. Gift of Gab) (remix)

Calexico - Maria Chuchena

Marmoset - Gretchen

The Skygreen Leopards - Disciples Of California


Carla Morrison - Nunca me dejes (Los Amparito Remix)

los amparito - por medio de la lectura

I love this song...from Mexico!

The Young Gods - Gasoline Man

Killing Joke- Requiem

Killing Joke are an English post-punk band formed in October 1978 in Notting Hill, London, England;[1][7] other sources report the band formed in early 1979.[8][9][10][11] Founding members Jaz Coleman (vocals, keyboards) and Geordie Walker (guitars) have been the only constant members.
A key influence on industrial rock,[12] their early music was described by critics Stephen Thomas Erlewine and John Dougan[13] as "quasi-metal ... dancing to a tune of doom and gloom", which gradually evolved over the years, incorporating elements of electronic musicsynth-popgothic rock,[14][4] and alternative rock,[6][15] though always emphasising Coleman's "savagely strident vocals."[12]
Finding modest commercial success, Killing Joke have influenced many later bands, such as NirvanaMinistryAmenLamb of God,Nine Inch NailsPorcupine TreeNapalm DeathBehemothAmebixBig BlackOpethMurderdollsGodfleshScornHoleDead by AprilToolProngMetallicaFranz FerdinandPrimusJane's AddictionSoundgardenFoo FightersFaith No MoreBlacklist,ShihadPitchshifterDas OathRammstein, and Korn, all of whom have at some point cited some debt of gratitude to Killing Joke

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Beirut - Vagabond

PLASTICLAND - Processes of the silverness

Prince Rama- Golden Glow

This Immortal Coil - Ostia

The Velvet Underground- There She Goes Again