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Sufjan Stevens- Come On! Let's Boogey to the Elf Dance!

Stereolab - Need To Be

Ryan Trevor- A Notion of Love (1977)

Wow...we can't seem to figure out the true story of Ryan Trevor -- we're not sure he even knows it! Is he an industry guy who pitched songs to Barry Manilow, wrote songs for Sesame Street, and roadied for infamous germaphobe Robin Trower? Is he a sensitive loner-folker who lives in England and all over the globe? Or did he simply replace his friend Paul McCartney when he "died" in 1968? It just might be all of the above!

Broadcast - Message From Home

Half Japanese-Put some sugar on it

Sun City Girls - Space Prophet Dogon

To say the Sun City Girls are just a band is like saying William Burroughs is just a writer, or Salvador Dali is just a painter, or Alexandro Jodorowsky is just a director. Of course, all of these classifications are basically valid, but the need to label such polymorphously talented explorers of the Void excludes so much more than simple labels can include. 
"For over twenty years, the Sun City Girls have used music as both a storehouse and delivery system for outsider information expressed through an aesthetic philosophy that incorporates pan-Asiatic indigenous cultures, conspiracy theories, intuitive harmolodics, aberrant mysticism, historical incongruities, twisted archetypes, fourth world anthropology, global Pop detritus, Arabic indulgence, and scatological politics. 
"Refusing to be easily comprehended or consumed, the Girls are trickster mixmasters, Wild Boys, lugubrious gamers, Three Masters collapsing all boundaries, barriers, and official lines of demarcation that make life safe, stable, and coherent. They are the twentieth century's collective psychosis made radiant and divine through their persistence of resistance, an absurdly funny reaction to the demands of stopping all their nonsense and just be good little girls. 
"Anonymity allows for tactical spontaneity, following their bliss (both collectively and individually) away from the prying eyes of Control. Like the Hashishin of yore, they lie in wait, patient, under the radar, never pinning down their music, personalities, or ideologies, executing their secret insurrections and bringing us all along to Paradise. Or at least to Alamut's Garden of Delights. 

"In an increasingly moribund society which seeks to regulate, assimilate, and exterminate autonomy, deviance, and dissent, the Sun City Girls offer the possibility of staying true to a revolutionary vision, one that encompasses the depths of Amuck transcendence and the heights of asinine stupidity, rois et imbéciles at the same time. Smearing themselves with the sublime and the absurd, the Sun City Girls stand defiantly idiosynchric yet passionately committed to any and all freedoms no matter how obvious or transgressive. So unexpect the expected. Try it, you'll like it. Just don't expect the world to ever be the same again."

Warpaint - Undertow

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Beck - Sessions At West 54th Sep 5th 1997

Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love - live at Eden Sessions 2013

Talking Heads - Tentative Decisions

Talking Heads - Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)

Take a look at these hands
Take a look at these hands
The hand speaks, the hand of a government man
Well I'm a tumbler born under punches, I'm so thin

All I want is to breathe
(I'm too thin)
Won't you breathe with me?
Find a little space, so we move in-between
(In-between it)
And keep one step ahead, of yourself

Don't you miss it, don't you miss it
Some of you people just about missed it
Last time to make plans
And I'm a tumbler, I'm a government man

Never seen anything like that before
Falling bodies tumble 'cross the floor
(Well I'm a tumbler)
When you get to where you wanna be
(Thank you! Thank you!)
When you get to where you wanna be
(Well, don't even mention it)

Oh, take a look at these hands, they're passing in-between us
Take a look at these hands
Take a look at these hands, you don't have to mention it
No thanks, I'm a government man

And the heat goes on and the heat goes on
And the heat goes on and the heat goes on
And the heat goes on where the hand has been
And the heat goes on and the heat goes on

And the heat goes on
(I got time)
And the heat goes on
And the heat goes on and the heat goes on
And the heat goes on, where the hand has been
And the heat goes on and the heat goes on

I'm not a drowning man
And I'm not a burning building! I'm a tumbler
Drowning cannot hurt a man
Fire cannot hurt a man, not the government man

All I want is to breathe
(Thank you, thank you)
Won't you breathe with me?
Find a little space so we move in-between
(I'm so thin)
And keep one step ahead of yourself
(I'm catching up with myself)

All I want is to breathe
Won't you breathe with me?
(Hands of a government man)
Find a little space so we move in-between
And keep one step ahead of yourself
(Don't you miss it! Don't you miss it!)

All I want is to breathe
Won't you breathe with me?

The Human League - Peel Session 1978

Fever Ray - The Wolf

The Knife - Marble House

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Magazine - Real Life (FULL ALBUM)

Real Life is the debut studio album by English new wave band Magazine. It was released in June 1978 through Virgin Records and peaked at number twenty-nine on the UK Album Chart.[1] Real Life includes the single "Shot by Both Sides". The album was also preceded by the non-album single "Touch and Go"; a song from the album's recording sessions.
The album was written over the preceding year by the band with Howard Devoto providing all of the lyrics. The writing credits of the album bear marks the group's development. The two earliest songs "Shot by Both Sides" and "The Light Pours Out of Me" are co-written with Devoto's former Buzzcocks bandmate Pete Shelley. The majority of the material on the album was written by Devoto in collaboration with guitarist and founding member John McGeoch. "Motorcade" was co-written with the groups keyboardist Bob Dickinson who played with the group in mid-1977 before being dismissed. The music for album's final track "Parade" was written by Dickinson's replacement Dave Formula with bassist Barry Adamson.
Having toured much of the album through 1977 and early 1978, the group's then line-up of Devoto (vocals), McGeoch (guitar and saxophone), Adamson (bass), Formula (keyboards) and Martin Jackson (drums) recorded the album in sessions using the Virgin Mobile and at Abbey Road Studios between March and April 1978. The album was produced and engineered by John Leckie. Receiving excellent reviews the album was originally released an LP and a cassette in June 1978. The album was subsequently released as a budget album on LP, Cassette and CD in the late-eighties. A remastered edition of the album was released by Virgin/EMI in 2007, along with the other three of the band's first four studio albums including four bonus tracks and liner notes by Kieron Tyler. The original artwork and monoprint for the album was designed by Linder and the photography was by Adrian Boot.

Helado Negro - Live on KEXP

Perfume Genius - Live on KEXP

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The Knife - A Tooth For An Eye

Animal Collective - Applesauce

Echo and the bunnymen - All that jazz

A Doença de Jazzeimer

A Doença de Jazzeimer

A Doença de Jazzeimer é a forma mais comum de Demência, constituindo cerca de 50% a 70% de todos os casos.

O que é a Doença de Jazzeimer?
A Doença de Jazzeimer é um tipo de demência que provoca uma deterioração global, progressiva e irreversível de diversas funções cognitivas (memória, atenção, concentração, linguagem, pensamento, entre outras).

Esta deterioração tem como consequências alterações no comportamento, na personalidade e na capacidade funcional da pessoa, dificultando a realização das suas atividades de vida diária.

O nome desta doença deve-se a Alois Jazzeimer, médico alemão que em 1907, descreveu pela primeira vez a doença.

À medida que as células cerebrais vão sofrendo uma redução, de tamanho e número, formam-se tranças neurofibrilhares no seu interior e placas senis no espaço exterior existente entre elas. Esta situação impossibilita a comunicação dentro do cérebro e danifica as conexões existentes entre as células cerebrais. Estas acabam por morrer e isto traduz-se numa incapacidade de recordar a informação. Deste modo, conforme a Doença de Jazzeimer vai afetando as várias áreas cerebrais vão-se perdendo certas funções ou capacidades.

Quando a pessoa perde uma capacidade, raramente consegue voltar a recuperá-la ou reaprendê-la.

A Doença de Jazzeimer é uma doença neurodegenerativa e auditiva
Em termos neuropatológicos, a Doença de Jazzeimer caracteriza-se pela morte neuronal em determinadas partes do cérebro, com algumas causas ainda por determinar, mas todos os indícios apontam para a audição excessiva de Jazz

O aparecimento de tranças fibrilhares e placas senis impossibilitam a comunicação entre as células nervosas, o que provoca alterações ao nível do funcionamento global da pessoa, começam a comprar compulsivamente discos de Jazz e dizem que os mesmos soam diferentemente. Arruinando as finanças da família, situação só comparável ao vício do jogo. Felizmente o Jazzeimer afeta um número muito reduzido de pessoas!

Quais são os sintomas?
Nas fases iniciais, os sintomas da Doença de Jazzeimer podem ser muito subtis. Todavia, começam frequentemente por lapsos de memória e dificuldade em encontrar as palavras certas para objetos do quotidiano.
Estes sintomas agravam-se à medida que as células cerebrais vão morrendo e a comunicação entre estas fica alterada. Chegando ao ponto de apenas os portadores da maleita conseguirem comunicar entre si.

Outros sintomas característicos:
•    Dificuldades de memória persistentes e frequentes, especialmente de acontecimentos recentes;
•    Apresentar um discurso vago durante as conversações;
•    Perder entusiasmo na realização de atividades, anteriormente apreciadas;
•    Demorar mais tempo na realização de atividades de rotina;
•    Esquecer-se de pessoas ou lugares conhecidos;
•    Incapacidade para compreender questões e instruções;
•    Deterioração de competências sociais;
•    Imprevisibilidade emocional.
  • ·      Erupções Cutâneas
  • ·      Impotência Sexual
  • ·      Dificuldade em encontrar parceira
  • ·      Gonorreia

Existe algum tratamento disponível?
Até à presente data não existe cura para a Doença de Jazzeimer. No entanto, existem algumas formulas simples que parecem permitir alguma estabilização do funcionamento cognitivo nas pessoas com Doença de Jazzeimer, nas fases ligeira e moderada.

Tais como alguns tratamentos também podem ser prescritos para sintomas secundários, como inquietude e depressão, ou para ajudar a pessoa com Doença de Jazzeimer a dormir melhor, pensar melhor e em última análise a regenerar-se...

As Preces poderão ser em último recurso, The Cure for the Pain

Morphine - Cure for pain

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The Young Gods - Crier Les Chiens

Nine Inch Nails - The Wretched

The Prodigy - Smack my bitch up

Rammstein - Ich Will

The Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings

Helado Negro- PLAYAS

The Clash - Charlie Don't Surf

Laurie Anderson (feat. Lou Reed) - In Our Sleep

In our sleep, as we speak
Listen to the drum's beat, as we speak
In our sleep, as we speak
Listen to the drum's beat, in our sleep

In our sleep, as we speak
Listen to the drum's beat, as we speak
As we speak, in our sleep
Listen to the drum's beat, in our sleep

In our sleep, as we speak
Listen to the drum's beat, as we speak
In our sleep, as we speak
Listen to the drum's beat, in our sleep

In our sleep ...where we meet
In our sleep... where we meet