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Álbum completo editado em 1967. É mesmo para ouvir de uma só vez.

Gandalf were an influential late 1960s psychedelic rock group.
They were an American band originally called the Rahgoos and formed by Peter SandoFrank HubachBob Muller and Davy Bauer.
They signed a record deal with Capitol Records in 1967 who made them rename the band Gandalf.
They recorded their first and only LP the same year. The record includes covers of Tim HardinEden Ahbez and Bonner & Gordon (the writers of "Happy Together") and two songs composed by the band's guitarist Peter Sando.
But Capitol spurned them and only released the LP in 1969 with the wrong record inside the sleeve. The copies were recalled and damaged the band's career. Capitol didn't promote the record which made the sales worse.[citation needed]
Over the years the album's reputation grew and it was re-released by Sundazed records in 2002.
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