sábado, 30 de junho de 2012

Moon Duo - "Motorcycle, I Love You"

Here’s some of newest material from popular lo-fi label Woodsist, except the difference here is that Moon Duo isn’t lo-fi at all. Moon Duo is the joint project of Sanae Yamada and Erik Johnson, who is also from Wooden Shjips. Escape is their debut release on Woodsist, which manages to put you in a trance and be mind-opening at the same time. The tracks mostly consists of around 7-minute jams on a singular fuzzy riff, with drug-induced solos and unrecognizable lyrics. If you’re a 60s/70s psychedelic junkie like I am, you will love this. in http://thenoiseis.net/2010/03/27/moon-duo-escape/

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